Come forth all YOUTH…Get P.L.U.G.G.E.D.
Positively & Legitimately Utilizing Gifts to Get Educated through Delta!

GAC Youth Programming is underway!

Delta Academy (Girls ages 11-14)
Delta G.E.M.S. (Girls ages 14-18 or grades 9-12)
EMBODI (Boys ages 13-17)

*2nd Saturdays of the month
*Great for large families
*1 location for 3 various groups with programs & activities to sharpen & enhance the skills of our youth

*Leadership training & opportunities
*Community service activities & hours
*College, Career & Life training/planning
*Interactive learning workshops designed to benefit and enrich

Parents and Guardians should contact the following:
Academy (Girls- 11-14) Christy Lewis and/or Tamara Young-King
GEMS (Girls 14-18 grades 9-12) Sandra Brown and Janelle Williams
EMBODI (Boys 13-17) Deidre Hulett
or Educational Development Chair Dr. Leslie Yanders @ for information, location and questions.