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December 1, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

“Rock the Ribbon” Essay Contest
Gary Alumnae Chapter – World AIDS Day 8th Annual Gospel Explosion
The Gary Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated International Awareness and Involvement shall help others become and remain aware of concerns of our minority and underprivileged people in other lands. Themed “Rock the Ribbon,” this year’s celebration follows the chapter’s eighth annual World AIDS Day Gospel Explosion, incorporates assembling care packages for the young girls in Vashti Village, in Mbabane, Swaziland, and birthing bed for Thika Maternity Hospital in Thika, Kenya.
“Rock the Ribbon” Essay Contest
1. Who’s Eligible:
All students living in Lake County, Porter County, and LaPorte County in grades 4th – 12th
2. Purpose of the “Rock the Ribbon” Essay Contest:
Students to understand the meaning of World AIDS Day and why it is celebrated annually on December 1st.
3. Student essays will respond to the following question:
“What does “Rock the Ribbon” mean to me?”
4. The Basic Things to Know:
• Word Length: Essay must be from 100 – 300 words and each written page must be numbered.
• Times New Roman, 12pt. font, double spaced
• Submission Deadline: Friday, November 20, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.
Winning Selections Announcement:
Student winners will be notified by November 27, 2020.
5. Address Essay to “Authentic” Audience:
Address your essay to the public. It is an opportunity for you to inform and educate the public.
Electronic submissions as an attachment in a WORD or PDF format by the individual student or by a teacher’s file attachment.
Supporting Sources, when used, must be cited properly. Footnotes/works cited are not considered part of the word count.
No name should appear on essay pages.
Title Page Requirements:
• Title page containing: the official topic, “Rock the Ribbon”
• Word Count total
• Writer’s name, school name, school address, grade, contact phone number, and email
Important Note: do not number the title page
• Adherence to guidelines and carefully proofread
• Articulate, creative, and tightly focused response that demonstrates a genuine grappling with the topic
• Observation of rules for Standard English usage (grammar, punctuation, and mechanics) in writing
• Well-developed with convincing arguments supported by specific examples
• Each entrant must print out, complete, sign (parent signature for those under 18), and submit the entry form with the completed essay. The form includes—student name, grade, school, school address, contact information (email/ phone), signature line, and permission to use your essay.
• All essays will become the property of Gary Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.
• The participation certificate name will be taken from the entry form.
• Submission Deadline: The entry form, along with the essay (and title page), must be received by email attachment or teacher’s file no later than
Friday, November 20th at 5:00p.m.
• Submit to: Turn your entry form and essay (with title page) into your teacher electronically or forward to garyalumnaedst@gmail.com.
• A submitted essay will be scored by a panel of judges on a point scale of 1 (lowest) to 4 (highest) on how well the essay addresses the following criteria:
o Position statement (clarity relative to the theme)
o Supporting Information (supports the position)
o Organization (structure)
o Tone of Essay
o Writing with an authentic voice and unique point of view and style.
o Grammar (sentence structure and use of words)
o Punctuation (correct punctuation and spelling)
• Judging will be blind.
• Gary Alumnae Chapter International Awareness and Involvement Committee will score and ensure all essays meet the minimum qualifying requirements.
• Gary Alumnae Chapter International Awareness and Involvement will select the winners and notify finalists.
• Student winners will be notified by November 27, 2020.
12. Prizes:
Grades 4th – 8th Student Entrants
• First Place: Fire 7 tablet (7″ display, 16 GB) – Black
• Second Place: $40 Gift Card
• Third Place: $25 Gift Card
Grades 9th – 12th Student Entrants
• First Place: Fire 7 tablet (7″ display, 16 GB) – Black
• Second Place: $40 Gift Card
• Third Place: $25 Gift Card
All Participate will receive a Certificate of Participation
How to Enter Your Students’ Essays:
• Upon receipt of student essays, save each student entry (including the entry form, title page, and essay) as a PDF.
• Please name and save your student entry files in the following manner:
• School name and city, followed by the grade level, followed by the student’s last name, followed by the first name.
Example: La Pine School, Delta City, 9th, Doe John
Please send your student entries as an attachment(s) to: garyalumnaedst@gmail.com with the subject line: “Rock the Ribbon Student Essay”
*** Reminder: The deadline for entries is Friday, November 20, 2020. Of course, you can send them in earlier. Student winners will be notified by November 27, 2020.
Contest Correlation with Indiana State Standards (ELA-Literacy, Grades 4-12)
Writing with a purpose and for an authentic audience:
Grades 4-8.W.3.2: Write informative compositions in a variety of forms…
Grades 9-12.W.3.2: Write informative compositions on a variety of topics…
Grade 4.W.5: Summarize and organize information in their own words, giving credit to the source.
Grade 5.W.5: Summarize and paraphrase important ideas and supporting details, and include direct quotations where appropriate, citing the source of information.
Grade 6.W.5: Avoid plagiarism and provide basic bibliographic information for sources.
Grades 7-8.W.5: Avoid plagiarism and follow a standard format for citation.
Grades 9-12.W.5: Avoid plagiarism and over reliance on any one source and follow a standard format (e.g.,MLA, APA) for citation.
Grades 4-12W.6: W.6: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English
Questions: Email garyalumnaedst@gmail.com
*Please feel free to share with students, parents, educators, and administrators in Lake, Porter, and LaPorte Counties, in Indiana.


December 1, 2020
5:00 pm


GAC International Awareness
Erika Robinson-Watkins, GAC IA Chair