Some of the funds to purchase the house came from the treasury, but many sorors contributed money towards the purchase and upkeep. The house was located in the 2600 block of Harrison and was demolished.

The Delta House was an elegant two story building. The large living and inning rooms served as the meeting rooms, the bedrooms were used for committee meetings and storage.

The Delta House was used for Sorority meetings and sorority functions. It was rented to other Greek organizations and to non Greeks. This was the place to have your wedding reception.

During this time House Director was an office of the chapter. Edna Morris served as House Director for many years. Edith Franklin also served as House Director for many years.

As time went on the house was used less and less. Places were opening up in Gary and we were able to rent places which had been previously denied to use.

We tried to keep the house going. There were many things that needed to be done. One idea was to turn the house into an apartment building. After much work and money the house was converted into four apartments, two upstairs and two downstairs. Some of the tenants were good and then there were the others who skipped out owing rent and damaging the apartment.

After the house became unfit, many of our meetings were held at homes of sorors. Edith Franklin opened up her house very often. We also accepted the offer of Ana Broomes of East Chicago. She was most gracious. We celebrated many Founders Days there and other social events. Her house was known as the East Chicago Delta House.

Beta Nu and Gary Alumnae have always been known for bringing cultural events to the city. Before West Side High School was built, many events were held at Roosevelt High School and Memorial Auditorium.

Beside Jabberwock many nationally known artists have come to Gary: Wes Montgomery, Moms Mabley, Duke Ellington, Nancy Wilson, and Billy Eckstein.

There were several theatrical productions which we have sponsored: Don’t Bother Me I Can’t Cope, Bubbling Brownsugar, The Wiz, and Where Were You In 1965?

The prices of the artists and productions became so expensive that the chapter could not afford them. We became associated with West Side Theater Guild to help bring cultural events to the city.

Beta Nu/Gary Alumnae is unique in the fact that there have been three people to hold national offices: Edna Johnson Morris, National secretary 1921-1923 under Sadie T.M. Alexander; Ruth S. Taylor, National Secretary 1975-1979 under Thelma Dally

The office of Sergeant At Arms is an appointed position. Ethel Pannel was appointed and served in that position for many years.Gary Alumnae had a member who served as state coordinator: Hortense House.


Not only did Beta Nu/Gary Alumnae have members who served as national officers, many national officers came to Gary. Each one said that they were treated royally and wanted to come back. The National Presidents who came to Gary were Lillian Benbo, Mona Bailey, Thelma Dally, Hortense Candy. Others who came Vashti Murphy McKenzie and Regional Directors: Barbara Curtis, Carol Ware, and Darlene Pollard.

Gary is a unique chapter. Many sorors who have moved to others areas, compare that chapter with ours. They all say it is not the same.

From 1963 to 1975 Beta Nu has had twenty-two presidents and since 1975 Gary Alumnae has had seventeen presidents.